What We Do

Refugees typically arrive to the United States for immediate resettlement. This poses some special challenges for ARTogether’s mission. The refugee community is scattered across a large geographic region, and although its members often qualify for--and would benefit from--existing free art programs, they very often lack the resources to seek them out.ARTogether overcomes these obstacles by partnering with established organizations that offer health and resettlement services to refugees, and by collaborating with schools that serve large numbers of refugee families. Together with local artists and art educators, ARTogether develops workshops, after-school art programs, and summer camps, featuring creative and artistic activities for its members. Some workshops are single-session, typically 90 minutes to two hours in length; others form part of an extended series. Workshops are held in a location that is convenient to participants, which is often the facility of the organizational partner.
When available, ARTogether plans field trips to supplement workshop activities. These may include visits to museums, galleries, and art studios, as well as music and performing arts events. ARTogether facilitates social gatherings, family picnics, and other community-building activities aimed at raising public awareness of the refugee community and fostering relationships based on understanding and acceptance between the refugee and broader communities of the Bay Area.