ARTogether forms partnerships with artists and refugee organizations in the Bay Area to develop and host regular free creative arts workshops that are 90 minutes to 2 hours in duration. We design one-time workshops as well as ongoing regular series. Workshop themes cover variety of media and purposes. Activities take place onsite, at the partner refugee organization’s facility, and wherever else possible.

We use public and private facilities that can accommodate the activities.  ARTogether works with art instructors familiar with the language(s) spoken by participants or otherwise we provide a translator. ARTogether also facilitates social gathering, family picnics, and other social activities to raise awareness about refugee situation and also to make connection between the refugee community and the general public. See our workshop narratives and photos below!


Women's Craft Circle

Arts, Crafts, laugh, music, dance, and more!
The Women’s Craft Circle is a series of workshops that are designed to use the healing power of craft making to bring people together as they establish shared experiences with each other.
The friendly environment and home like setting of this class fosters a feeling of community and belonging away from the home of origin. Craft making happens while ethnic music is played and women usually get to dance!


Expressive Art Support Group for Men

Draw, paint, collage, laugh, and share your thoughts and emotions in a safe space!
Our Expressive Art Support group for men includes the exploration and creation of drawings, photographs, and other
mediums to foster expressive dialogues about the notions of home, memory, community, and love.

By encouraging visual expression, the workshop operates as a means to allow the participants to reconcile difficult memories from their past while cultivating new friendships and relationships. In this monthly gathering, we produce art followed by discussion about each work. Men are free to share their thoughts, feelings, and the meanings of their works if they wish to.


Children's Arts and Crafts

We organize a variety of children's workshops with multiple organizations, including the International Rescue Committee and the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants. Ranging from picture frame working to tie-dye, our children's workshops encourage youth to express themselves artistically.



Expressive Arts for Teens

Local artists lead our monthly expressive arts workshops for high school girls, which allow the young to women visually express themselves and their unique experiences. The participants explore the universal aspects of art as a means to connect with each other and their community in workshops ranging from art journals to expressive watercolor and sculpture.



Creative Digital Storytelling

The Creative Digital Storytelling Project is a multiple-week (4 to 8) workshop series set to run for young adults. The project will be provided in partnership with High Schools, public schools, or educational camps serving newly-arrived immigrants and refugees, groups that have been underserved historically at both the state and national level.

During these workshops, 10-20 students will create artistic pieces inspired by their heritage, personal narratives, and in the case of refugee students, their experiences entering and adapting to life in the new home.

Social Gatherings

ARTogether facilitates social gatherings, family picnics, and other social activities to raise awareness about refugee situation and also to make connections between the refugee community and the general public.