Arts invites a sense of belonging

Art invites conversation, laughter, storytelling, and a sense of belonging.

Art invites conversation, laughter, storytelling, and a sense of belonging.

ARTogether is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works to support refugees in the San Francisco Bay Area. Based in Oakland, we provide welcoming, creative spaces for local refugees and immigrants to create art and connect with the community, organizing art workshops and inclusive social gatherings.

With refugee artists leading many of our workshops, our efforts help promote refugee art throughout the Bay Area, giving a human face to refugees while providing a source of income for local refugee artists. Over time, ARTogether hopes to become an essential resource for Bay Area refugees, where local refugees and immigrants can gather, connect, heal, and strengthen ties with the community, regularly hosting events that invite the whole Bay Area community to come and participate.

ARTogether’s mission is to:

  • Bring refugees, immigrants and the wider Bay Area community together through art workshops and art-centered social gatherings.

  • Offer healing and art therapy to refugees experiencing trauma and mental health issues.

  • Support refugee artists by employing refugee art educators and by displaying refugee art in local art galleries and social venues.

  • Raise public awareness of refugee issues through promoting positive images of refugees and through education campaigns in K-12 schools.

In the months and years to come, we plan to strengthen and expand these efforts to become a multi-purpose art community center for Bay Area refugees and immigrants.

At ARTogether, we believe that art has a special role to play for the refugee community. It invites conversation, laughter, storytelling, and a sense of belonging. The creative process itself provides a meditative respite, keeping the hands busy and the mind gently engaged, while opening a channel for self-expression that transcends spoken language. At the end is a tangible result: a piece of art that can be shared and appreciated. ARTogether showcases selections of refugee artwork to the public as part of a parallel mission to increase public awareness of the refugee community. We have so much to learn from each other, and art is a language we can all use to communicate.