Kelly Rice, Intern


Kelly majors in Psychology at San Francisco State University and will graduate with a bachelor's degree in the Spring of 2018. Aside from taking Psychology courses, she has also delved into such areas of study as Asian American Studies, Race and Resistance Studies, and Women and Gender Studies. She is interested in social justice and raising awareness of people who continue to be marginalized and who's voices remain unheard. As the daughter of an immigrant mother, Kelly is passionate about working with refugees and other immigrants who are seeking a better life outside their country of origin. Art, in her opinion as an amateur artist herself, allows for freedom of expression and helps people feel like their voices are worthy of being heard. She loves reading as she believes that it can foster greater empathy and compassion for your fellow human being.


Caitlyn Cournale, Intern


Caitlyn was born and raised in San Francisco. She is currently halfway through her undergrad at Hampshire College where she studies Global Migration and the Politics of Statelessness. Having grown up in a beautiful place that preaches freedom, she is determined to dedicate her life to working with and for those who have not been granted the freedoms that she believes are our right at birth. Caitlyn has worked with children her entire life and knows the power of the creative mind which fuels her love for ARTogether for giving the freedom of creativity to those who have been denied other freedoms in their lives.


Yuhong Lin, Intern


Yuhong was born and raised in China, and moving to the United States in 2012. Currently, he is a student majoring in graphic design and minoring photography at San Jose State University. He will graduate in spring 2018. He was a freelance logo designer and a freelance animated character designer before working at ARTogether. Lin is a person who has so much passion about designing, and he always tries to create something unique, impressive, and influential. As becoming a member of ARTogether, he is contributed himself to the success of the organization.


Olivia Buch, Intern

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Olivia was born and raised near Los Angeles, California. Currently she is a student at the University of San Francisco pursuing a degree in International Studies, with minors in Cultural Anthropology and African Studies. She hopes to spend her life continuing work with non-profits and NGOs in order to fight for the rights of marginalized groups around the world. Olivia has always been a lover of art, and an artist herself, and is committed to the mission of ARTogether in working to be a creative resource for the refugee community. 


Unsa Kamal, Volunteer

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Unsa was born and raised in Pakistan and in 1999,  she embarked on a new journey of her life when she moved to the bay area with her family. Unsa received her teaching credentials and has been teaching for more than 15 years .  She is a compassionate, empathetic and positive teacher who believes in inspiring her students to bring out the best in them. She is also a consummate artist and has been painting for many years. She specializes in oils and has painted both abstracts and landscapes . Unsa  believes that art is a powerful medium that can touch people both emotionally and intellectually. Unsa holds a Masters degree in Psychology and is also a certified Life Coach. She is passionate about helping people move forward and set personal and professional goals to lead a life of purpose and fulfillment.