Men's Art Therapy Workshop: November

Men Art Therapy September.jpg

ARTogether’s monthly art therapy workshop for men began with a delicious treat: a traditional Cambodian fish soup! After the meal, artist Shimana Sadeghi welcomed the participants back and reminded everyone of the workshop’s confidentiality rules, which encourage honesty within a safe space.

Men Art Therapy October.jpg

As an introductory exercise, Shimana asked the men to mention one thing that had recently made them grateful seeing as Thanksgiving was only a week away. One participant shared a story about a surprise party that made him thankful for this wife and family, and another told the group that his son had recently brought his girlfriend home for dinner, which made him very happy and proud.


Next, Shimana asked the participants to gather in two groups. She supplied each group with a big piece of paper and piles of magazines, pictures, scissors, and glues, asking the men to collaborate on a “dinner table” collage.

Men Art Therapy Workshop November-4.jpg

After 20 minutes of creating, the groups hung their final collages on the wall. Shimana asked the groups to describe their projects, and then asked the men who--out of anyone in the world--they would invite to their table. Many men mentioned how important it would be for them to have their family members at the table, whether those family members resided in California or in their home countries. The workshop ended with a quick movement exercise and an applause and thank you to Shimana, who always leads a wonderful and insightful class.