ARTogether is a community-building project that uses art and creative expression to lay the foundation for a new home beyond borders.  

ARTogether is a resource center for refugees of the San Francisco Bay Area. Through creative arts and art therapy we develop the capacity to heal from trauma, and the enduring skills and confidence to navigate the hardships of starting over in a new home. Our dream is to forge long-lasting relationships between the Bay Area’s diverse refugee communities and its many talented resident artists and art educators. ARTogether aspires to be part of a progressive tradition in California that drives positive change in the United States. and across the world.


Women's Craft Cirlce

The Women’s Craft Circle is a series of workshops that are designed to use the healing power of craft making to bring people together as they establish shared experiences with each other.

The friendly environment and home like setting of this class fosters a feeling of community and belonging away from the home of origin. Craft making happens while ethnic music is played and women usually get to dance!

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Expressive Art Support Group for Men

Our Expressive Art Support group for men includes the exploration and creation of drawings, photographs, and other mediums to foster expressive dialogues about the notions of home, memory, community, and love.

By encouraging visual expression, the workshop operates as a means to allow the participants to reconcile difficult memories from their past while cultivating new friendships and relationships. 

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Children Craft Journal Making-3.jpg

Children's Arts and Crafts

We organize a variety of children's workshops with multiple organizations, including the International Rescue Committee and the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants. Ranging from picture frame working to tie-dye, our children's workshops encourage youth to express themselves artistically.

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Expressive Art Support Group for High School Girls

Participants in this class are encouraged to explore their creativity and collaborate with one another. This class is designed to provide a safe space for young women to share their feelings, experiences, challenges, and ambitions for the future.

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"The farthest horizons of our hopes and fears are cobbled by our poems, carved from the rock experience of our daily Lives."

- Audre Lorde, Poetry Is Not A Luxury


Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

 ARTogether has long term plans of operating from its own central facility. This is a space that would encompass a spectrum of services and resources to the refugee community: a studio with open access to art supplies, a classroom area for ongoing workshops, a computer lab for digital projects, and an exhibition space to showcase the ARTogether community’s creative pieces.