Women's Decoupage Workshop


The women of CERI had high expectations for their October craft workshop with art educator Negar Asef, whose monthly workshops always seemed to transform into lively festivities of laughter, dancing, and, of course, art.

Negar arrived with boxes of empty jars, can, and pots along with a big bucket of modge podge and craft brushes. In order to channel community and creativity, she asked the women to gather in circle, say their name and perform a dance move, which they did with great animation. After completing the circle, the women were ready to create.


Negar revealed that their monthly project would be decoupage, or the decoration of objects using paper cut outs and a clear-drying adhesive. She instructed the women on how to design their jars with pictures, flowers, or any other beautiful image that could be found in magazines or books.

The participants quickly learned how to attach their images by applying the modge podge over the pictures carefully with a special brush. Negar explained that not only could they decorate jars and pots, they could use the same method to refurbish furniture and even walls in an affordable and beautiful way.


Of course, the workshop was replete with energy, creativity, and fun. While the women worked, a participant named Em Tim even sang for the group, adding to the convivial atmosphere. Not only did the workshop result in lovely personalized decoupage, it strengthened the friendships and community of the group of Cambodian refugee participants who so readily connected and created. The workshop came to a close with a group photo and a shared excitement for next month’s craft!