Children's Craft: "My Neighborhood in Halloween"

Children Craft My Neighborhood in Halloween.jpg

ARTogether’s monthly children’s craft workshop took a festive turn with the theme “My Neighborhood in Halloween,” a collaborative group collage created at the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants in Oakland. Leva Zand wanted this workshop to focus not only on creativity but on teamwork. She thus began the activity by letting the children vote on one of three themes, and the winning project was appropriately Halloween-y!

Children Flag Making Workshop-2.jpg

The project began with group drawing. On a large piece of white cardboard, the children incorporated aspects of their own neighborhoods to create a cohesive yet diverse depiction of the spooky holiday. It wasn’t initially easy for the children to work together as a team, but the final project was colorful and abound with houses, cars, roads, and trees decorated with ghosts and jack-o-lanterns to name a few. At some points the room was abuzz with discussion on the collaborative project, and at others the children were silent,  captivated by their individual drawings and contributions.


Next, the children cut out photos and shapes to add to the collage and then layered the project with stickers! A road constructed from colored paper appeared and was brought to life by the addition of a car cut from a magazine, and a collection of magazine images were formed into a haunted house! The final project sported both individual craftsmanship and the collaborative effort that the activity was, and certainly put everyone in the Halloween spirit!