Call for 2019 Board Members  


Call for 2019 Board Members

Executive Summary

As we move into our next phase of growth, we are looking for committed and passionate individuals to be members of our board of directors. The board will meet monthly and oversee governing, financial and legal decisions and provide structural and advisory support to the organization as it continues to develop.

ARTogether’s Mission

ARTogether is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Oakland, California.  Our mission is to provide creative spaces and infrastructure for refugees resettled in the Bay Area, to promote healing and community building through art. Since the summer of 2017, we have been conducting classes, workshops and social gatherings for people of all ages and backgrounds within the refugee community and beyond, tailoring our approach to match their specific needs, while providing support and employment to local immigrant artists. To date, ARTogether has served over 700 refugees, immigrants and others from the community across over 100 art workshops and social gatherings.


Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for committed members who share our goal of being a resource to the refugee community, and who have the time and the willingness to share their expertise and network with ARTogether. Particularly, we are looking for individuals with interest and expertise in law, non-profit governance, art therapy, art administration and fundraising, but are excited to hear from people with other areas of interest and knowledge who would like to work with us.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  • Provide guidance, support and feedback on ongoing and future projects

  • Confirm the budget

  • Help with fundraising and networking activities

  • Organize one fundraising event a year

  • Oversee compliance with legal requirements

Individual Responsibilities

Within the framework of supporting ARTogether’s aims, we ask that each board member individually commit to:

  • Attending 10 out 12 board meetings a year

  • Willing to actively reach out to their network for fundraising and other growth opportunities and report to the board.

  • Overseeing one individual organizational event, agreed to in mutual discussions with the Executive Director

  • Maintaining familiarity with ARTogether’s projects and activities, and be willing to communicate via email periodically between meetings

  • In coordination with ARTogether team, plan and execute at least one project for the organization per year.

  • Actively recruit new board members, staff and volunteers for the organization

  • Although not required, but we highly encourage that our board members to consider Fundraising or donating a minimum of $2,500 for the organization.

If you are excited about joining the ARTogether board of directors, please email us with your resume and a cover letter detailing why you want to join the board, what your areas of interest are and whether you have any prior experience with non-profit governance.