Women's Craft: Beaded Jewelry


The women arrived at Oakland’s Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants excited to see what their monthly craft workshop held. Negar Asef, the artist leading the workshop, had already set everything out for the participants: beads, pearls, and jewelry making tools lay in the center of the room ready to be used.


While the women had prior experience in jewelry making, they had never used the method that Negar planned to teach them, which required a specific, challenging technique of layering beads onto thread to create bracelets and rings.


The method was difficult at the beginning, but the women learned how to thread the beads very fast and soon required little guidance from Negar! In fact, some picked up the technique so fast that they began to make necklaces, too.


The jewelry came out absolutely stunning, each piece especially unique as it was handmade. The women, proud of their beautiful creations, said that the jewelry would make perfect holiday gifts for their families.