Zurich Chapter

Developed by Zurich-based artist and teacher Shima Sheikholeslami, ARTogether’s Zurich chapter is an exciting start to our Global Communities initiative. Shima holds arts classes at the Zurich Refugee Camp, which houses “stateless” refugees who will eventually be required to leave Switzerland. The camp occasionally hosts volunteer-lead projects, yet Shima aims to establish routine ARTogether classes as a way to enable refugees with a reliable means to create art amidst their unstable conditions. Camp children have already created freestyle projects, potato-stamped designs, and more! Below are the workshop galleries, which highlight ARTogether’s first steps in expanding its mission globally.


Shima Sheikholeslami, Zurich Chapter Coordinator

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Shima was born in Tehran in 1986 to a science and research devotee father and an art and literature enthusiast mother and this could be the reason she believes in art as a process, leading to a glimpse of human nature and how art creates more than a beautiful piece.
Shima left Iran in 2010 and since then she had lived in Malaysia and Singapore and now is based in Zurich, Switzerland. She is studying her Masters with Open University on development management and has a background in agriculture. As one of the founders of ARTogether's Global Communities initiative, Shima currently holds art and craft classes for children in Zurich. The focus of her classes are creation and creativity with everyday objects ranging from potatoes and pasta to a huge cardboard box or a pile of leaves.


Freestyle Project


Pasta Jewelry


Blow Art


Broken Glass Art


Draw A Frog


Bugs In A Jar


Paper Cat


Credit Card Art


Advent Candles


Muffin Tin Prints


Krokotak Sweater Bear


Lazy Susan Spin Art




Potato Stamps


Splatter Painting


Dot Painting


Mondrian-Style Art


String Pull Art


Optical Illusion


Milk Cartoon Lanterns


Autumn Tree Pointilism


Krokotak Paper Angels


Color Towel Patterns


Face Printing


Spring Flowers Craft


Abstract Marble Art